BREXIT LIVE: Diane Abbott lifts lid on plot to oust Boris Johnson and block no deal exit

BREXIT LIVE: Diane Abbott lifts lid on plot to oust Boris Johnson and block no deal exit

The shadow home secretary initially refused to comment on Labour’s plans once Parliament resumes next month. But when pressed she admitted negotiations to secure backing for a vote of no confidence were under way. Ms Abbott said: “It’s above my pay grade to say when we’ll move the vote of no confidence.”

She continued: “But who has confidence in Boris Johnson apart from the people around him?

“The more he announces these bogus unfunded announcements, I think the less confidence there will be in him in the general public.

“But one of the things we have to do is consult with other parties – it’s no good moving a vote of no confidence if the Lib Dems, for instance, are not going to vote for it.

“We are talking to all of the other parties in Parliament and if we move for a vote of no confidence we’ll want to do it with confidence that we can win it.”


8.51am update: Buckland “increasingly confident” of orderly Brexit

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has insisted the Government is working flat out to ensure an orderly Brexit on October 31.

When as asked if he still believed the impact of crashing out of the EU would be chaos, he replied: “I have consistently argued that point and I still do that.”

He was reminded he previously said it was the duty of Government to avoid the “chaos of a crash-out Brexit”, with Mr Buckland replying on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Yes, and that’s why I think the work that’s been done within Government to ensure an orderly Brexit is vital.

“The choice that faces us now is either disorder in terms of Brexit or an orderly, sensible approach and that’s why I’m really pleased the structure of Cabinet committees, the way in which Government is bearing down upon the issues, shows a sense of urgency and purpose that is absolutely essential if we’re to avoid the sort of disorder I’ve talked about – and I’m increasingly confident we can achieve that.”

Mr Buckland said he believes the Prime Minister is in favour of achieving Brexit on October 31, adding: “He wants to achieve a deal but if we cannot achieve a deal then it needs to be as orderly a Brexit as possible – that is why the work of Government at the moment is focused hugely on that effort.”

He added “there is a difference between crashing out and not achieving a deal”, and said ongoing work will “avoid the chaos of a crash-out”.

8am update: French predict problem-free Brexit on Dover-Calais trade route

Transport on the trade route between Dover and Calais will continue to run smoothly after Brexit, the head of the French Channel ports has insisted.

Jean-Marc Puissesseau accused “certain individuals” of scaremongering with talk of transport chaos and said authorities were ready for Britain’s scheduled departure from the EU on October 31.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit.

“Britain will be a third country, that’s all, and there is no reason why this should lead to any problems.

“If both sides do their homework, traffic will be completely fluid.”

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