Brexit BOMBSHELL: Theresa May could be forced out as 20 ministers threaten to RESIGN

Brexit BOMBSHELL: Theresa May could be forced out as 20 ministers threaten to RESIGN

Parliament will vote on a range of different Brexit options tonight. These will include remaining in the European customs union, holding a second EU membership referendum or even revoking Article 50. Resignations could take place if the Government whips against the Brexit alternatives, according to reports.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph a Cabinet insider warned up to 20 ministers could quit creating “carnage”.

These are expected to be at a junior level, with Cabinet ministers who support a soft Brexit remaining in place for the time being.

If Mrs May whips the vote the source warned: “There won’t be a junior Remain minister left in Government.”

Cabinet ministers Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark, who all oppose a hard Brexit, are said to be arguing against whipping the Brexit options votes.

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However other ministers, including Jeremy Hunt, Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Liz Truss, are reported to be taking a harder line.

On Monday MPs voted to seize control of the Parliamentary schedule from the Government, in order to force the series of indicative votes.

The votes are non-binding, but it could be politically difficult for Mrs May to ignore the will of Parliament.

According to The Daily Telegraph Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has warned the Government will have to call a general election as a “matter of honour” if Parliament votes to keep the UK in a customs union with the EU.

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He is reported to have said: “At what point do we accept that we can no longer serve as a Government?”

Meanwhile ministers have been handed 15-page documents from Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill on the alleged risks of a no-deal Brexit.

These include serious economic damage, restricted food choices and Northern Ireland quitting the UK.

Hard-Brexit backers have previously dismissed similar such warnings as part of “project fear”.

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