Brexit bombshell: Commons can still block no deal EU exit claims Tory leadership candidate

Brexit bombshell: Commons can still block no deal EU exit claims Tory leadership candidate

The Tory leadership contender’s comment comes after Parliament blocked Labour’s bid to seize control of its agenda, which could have blocked a no deal exit. Jeremy Corbyn’s plan was to take control of the House of Commons order paper to prevent a new Prime Minister from suspending Parliament to force a no deal Brexit through. The motion was rejected by 309 MPs to 298.

However, the opposition said the defeat was disappointing but believed there was a majority in the Commons against a no deal and it remained “determined to win this fight”.

Mr Stewart tweeted: “There is a huge parliamentary majority – which includes me – for stopping no-deal.

“The fact that Labour failed to take control of the order paper today tells you almost nothing about how parliament could block a leader committed to no-deal.”

He added: “I voted against the Labour motion today because it was an attempt to take control of the order paper on a blank check.

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“You do not fight the constitutional outrage of proroguing parliament with another unconstitutional step. No-deal must be prevented by government and parliament.”

Boris Johnson, the front-runner in the race to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, has told pro-Brexit lawmakers he would leave open the possibility of suspending parliament to force through a no deal exit from the European Union, according to The Times.

According to a “senior Brexiteer” speaking to the paper Mr Johnson assured the European Research Group, a group of lawmakers who support a hard Brexit, that he would not explicitly rule out such a move.

Mr Johnson’s comment comes after Dominic Grieve admitted he would be willing to quit the Conservative Party and to “bring down the Government,” to avoid a no deal Brexit.

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The former Attorney General said he “would not hesitate” to resign the whip to help “bring down the Government” to ensure Britain does not leave the European Union without an official agreement.

Addressing colleagues in the House of Commons, the former frontbencher said: “Throughout this unhappy business of Brexit, what I’ve certainly tried to do is try to ensure that there is a process which avoids chaos.

“The only alternative, if we get to a point where the Prime Minister is intent on doing this, the only way of stopping that Prime Minister would be to bring down that Prime Minster’s Government.

“I simply have to say, here and now, I will not hesitate to do that if that is what is attempted.

“Even if it means my resigning the whip and leaving the party, I will not allow this country to be taken out of the EU on a no deal Brexit without the approval of this House and, in my view, going back to the country and asking that if that is what they want.”

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