Boris Johnson urged to pick up the phone as Joe Biden WON'T block US-UK trade deal

And Mr Bolton stressed he believed Mr Biden would be open to the idea of a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, irrespective of his recent comments about the Good Friday Agreement – while stressing Mr Trump himself had never fully engaged with the subject. Mr Bolton worked for Mr Trump from April 2018 to September 2019 before the two parted ways acrimoniously, with the former adviser chronicling his time in the White House in his recently published book The Room Where It Happened.

With the Democrat candidate apparently on the cusp of the White House, Mr Bolton told “I think Boris Johnson should make it a priority to talk to Biden as soon as the situation is clarified and I think a free trade deal ought to be at the top of the agenda.”

Referring to the former president Obama’s remarks about Britain being “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal if it voted to leave the EU, Mr Bolton added: “I know there is concern given what Obama said when he was over visiting Cameron before the referendum in 2016.

“But that is before the vote was taken, it was before four years of agony, before it was finally made clear that the people’s referendum would be followed.

“So Biden has to face that situation. It’s not hypothetically what if Britain votes to leave.

“They HAVE voted to leave so it is ‘What are you going to do about it?’

“I think it is clearly in the interests of the United States and in the interests of the UK to sign this deal as quickly as possible.

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Irrespective, the special relationship between the US and the UK would endure, Mr Bolton stressed

He said: “The special relationship is based on fundamental values and interests that are shared.”

Mr Trump spoke out in favour of Brexit on a number of occasions.

However, Mr Bolton said he had never been proactive enough in pushing the the issue.

He explained: “I’ve been a strong supporter of Brexit for a long time

“Unfortunately that was typical of him – there was not necessarily action.

“We missed a lot of opportunities which I regret.

“He would talk about it and I think he supported Brexit.

“But when it came to implementing the abstract idea he didn’t weigh in with his officials and say this is a priority with me, make this great deal and get it done.”

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