Taxing the rich: How a UK wealth tax could work

A new report by the Wealth Tax Commission drills down into how various wealth taxes could be implemented to shore up the United Kingdom’s pandemic-ravaged public coffers. Forcing the affluent to pay higher taxes on their wealth – especially assets like property

Iran blacklists US envoy to Yemen in tit-for-tat move

Iran and the US have blacklisted each other’s envoys to war-torn Yemen, where the two countries support opposing factions. Tehran, Iran – Iran imposed sanctions on the United States ambassador to Yemen a day after the administration of US President Donald Trump blacklisted

Ethiopia conflict ‘spiralling out of control’: UN

Ethiopia’s situation is “spiralling out of control with appalling impact on civilians” and urgently needs outside monitoring, the United Nations human rights chief warned on Wednesday. Ethiopia, however, rejected calls for independent investigations into the deadly fighting in its Tigray region saying