Ashley Cain gets castings made of his daughter Azalyia’s hands and feet as a memento from her 8 month birthday


Ashley Cain gets castings made of his daughter Azalyia’s hands and feet as a memento from her 8 month birthday

ASHLEY Cain and his partner got casts made of their daughter Azalyia’s hands and feet for her eight month birthday. The tiny tot has been

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ASHLEY Cain and his partner got casts made of their daughter Azalyia’s hands and feet for her eight month birthday.

The tiny tot has been given “just days to live” with her parents taking her home in an ambulance so she can spend her final hours in comfort.


Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee got castings of their daughter Azaylia[/caption]

Ashley and Safiyya Vorajee had an expert come in to get the casts done as “so many people wanting one these castings”.

Safiyya showed the woman mixing the mould in their kitchen on her Instagram stories and explained she was worried they would “run out of product” because so many people wanted one.

She filmed her sleeping daughter with her foot in the mould as her doting dad her held Azaylia with his eyes closed and gently kissing her forehead.

“Getting the most beautiful casting done for my beautiful girl,” she captioned the Instagram stories.


They decided to get the castings done for her eight month birthday[/caption]


The ended up having multiple casts made for friends and family[/caption]


The bub snoozed as her foot was placed into the mould[/caption]

Safiyya then filmed herself getting close to Azaylia and Ashley, as her daughter briefly woke up to look at the camera.

The parents then leaned in together to kiss Azaylia’s head as the castings lady started on another foot casting.

An emotional Safiyaa then rested her arm on Ashley as she kissed his shoulder, while he cuddled Azaylia.

Today the couple also shared the heartfelt message North Greenwich tube station staff at written on their famous @allontheboard for passengers to see.


Ashley cradled his baby and gently kissed her on the head[/caption]

Their message on the board at North Greenwich London underground station read: “Sending love to Azaylia Cain, an 8 month old beautiful little princess and a hero.

“Smiling despite being in discomfort and pain, fighting battles and shining like a diamond, providing light on the darkest of days; her determination and strength deserves everybody’s love and respect in so many ways.”

It continued: “No words can be written or spoken to fix hearts that are broken, all we can offer sometimes are thoughts, prayers and love; through the hardest and saddest times, Azaylia has shone brighter than any star up above.”

Safiyya reposted the image of the board and thanked everyone, saying “the love is incredible”.


The pair are enjoying their last moments with their daughter who has a a rare form of leukaemia[/caption]

On Thursday, dad Ashley revealed doctors found more tumours and have run out of options to save his daughter, who is battling a rare form of leukaemia.

He shared the shocking news of his daughter’s prognosis on his Instagram.

“Nine days ago consultants told us my daughter had one to two days to live, but thought she may pass that evening,” he wrote

“Even with a barbaric disease consuming her blood, tumours in her brain and organs and amounts of pain I cannot imagine… She is still battling through nine days later, with parts of the day with nothing but smiles despite her discomfort.”


Doctors said they could do no more for her and gave her days to live[/caption]

“This is a testament of this little girl’s strength and the fight she has possessed all of the way through.

“She has fought a battle that not many, if any, of us could have endured and she’s earned the love and respect of many on the way.

“The truth is though, I hope and pray that I have earned hers!

“Even through the hardest and saddest time of my life, she has found a way to make it better.


Her parents decided to bring her home so she could be more comfortable[/caption]

“She has shined light on the darkest of days and she has opened my heart to amounts of love I couldn’t believe possible!

“The truth is, I don’t know what I will do without you. But for now, I find strength in giving you the best of me, and the only me that you deserve!

“You are in my arms, my thoughts, my prayers and my heart every day my princess. YOU’RE MY HERO! DADDY LOVES YOU!”

Ashley has continued to update his almost one million followers on his baby daughter’s devastating condition.


Safiyya got emotional hugging Ashley and her daughter[/caption]

Ashley and his girlfriend Safiyya took their little girl home and they made it through the next two nights before deciding to take her off her pain relief as she “wasn’t really here properly”.

Ashley added in the Instagram video that they had taken her home again to enjoy any remaining time they have with her.


Azaylia played with her rattle in the ambulance home[/caption]

He said emotionally: “For the last part of her life I just want to take her home. See her like a baby and give her the best rest of her life ever.”

He added that he needed to “step up” for his daughter and “be strong” as she “needs to see her daddy smiling.”

He said: “We are going to be strong and we are going to go out with honour.”

The devastating news comes after the couple had managed to raise over £1.5 million in less than 24 hours in a bid to get their daughter treated in Singapore.