Andrew Neil clashes with Nigel Farage in US election voter fraud row ‘It’s not true!’

“Doesn’t send a good message to the world so the idea that elections should be contested there should be a result on a night like tonight I think makes sense going ahead.”

Neil replied: “That might not be the best way to run an election. I see no evidence and so far you’ve given us none of fraud or of people being disenfranchised. 

“We know postal voting is open to fraud and crucial intimidation as well. I understand it’s different because of a pandemic. We don’t have evidence of fraud yet because it’s the first time it’s been used on this scale.”

Neil hit back: “He’s claiming he’s won on the basis the votes that are still to come in are fraudulent and you know that’s not true Nigel Farage.”

“I didn’t say it was true, did I?” Farage quipped. “I said the president was expressing frustration tonight and American states are incapable of counting votes.”

US Election 2020 coverage continues on BBC One until 1pm.

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