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Anand Mahindra's Tweets Pic Of 'Pehelwan Parantha' And Netizens Are Loving It


Anand Mahindra’s hilarious tweet about ‘Pehelwan Parantha’ got netizens surprised.


  • Anand Mahindra shared a picture of Pehelwan Paratha
  • The gigantic parantha came with a hilarious caption
  • Take a look at the viral post by Mahindra

North Indian cuisine has a raging fan-following across the country. Whether it’s a parantha drizzled with butter or a crisp Amritsari Kulcha with spicy chhole – the indulgent food truly has a lot of takers. The cuisine uses generous amounts of ghee with practically every dish, a feature that may spell trouble for those on a diet. However, one Punjabi man found an amusing way to wiggle out of the restriction. Anand Mahindra shared a hilarious picture of ‘Pehelwan Parantha’ being devoured by a man who was asked to be on a diet. The twist was in the Parantha’s size! Take a look:

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“When a dietician advises a Punjabi to limit breakfast only to one Parantha,” read the caption of the picture. A man could be seen feasting on a single parantha in the frame, but the size of the parantha was gigantic. Sharing the hilarious click, Anand Mahindra wrote, “As a Punjabi, I believe I am entitled to use this loophole for my Monday breakfast…. Bas ek Pehelwan Parantha.”

The tweet by Anand Mahindra went viral on the micro-blogging website, garnering over 8k likes and counting. Netizens could relate to the love for Parantha being above all else, and how the Punjabi man found a way to eat it while being on a diet. Take a look at the comments and reactions from people:

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