Alan Brazil names striker Man Utd should have signed and paid ‘a fortune’ to


Manchester United should have tried to sign Leicester striker Jamie Vardy, according to former Red Devils forward Alan Brazil.

United are set to be in the market for a new frontman in the January transfer window.

On talkSPORT on Tuesday, former England boss Sam Allardyce questioned where they will get the striker they need.

“Where are Man United going to get the top striker from that they want?” Allardyce said.

Brazil replied by suggesting former England star Vardy as a potential target.

“Why didn’t they give Vardy a fortune?” he said.

Allardyce replied: “Well absolutely, I agree, yeah.”

United are 12th in the Premier League table after eight matches of the season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are just two points clear of the relegation zone and Allardyce says they must be careful not to be dragged into a dogfight at the bottom.

“They went down [in 1974] with a terrific team on paper,” Allardyce said.

“So it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that they could catastrophically fall into more problems if confidence goes and injuries stay like they are.

“Players tend not to get as fit as quick as they would do when things are going well, that’s an absolute fact.

“There’s the disturbance of [Paul] Pogba wanting away and who will pop up next saying, ‘I see this going the wrong way, I want to leave?’

“Manchester United do not have enough goals and you can see it becoming a struggle.

“Hopefully it’s not a struggle down the bottom end, but they’re certainly heading that way.

“Ole’s got a big job, I know they say it’s a rebuilding time and it is a rebuilding time, but you can’t get rid of your best goalscorer in the squad and not replace him. That’s a huge problem.”


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