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Adele’s SNL African tourism sketch causes stir amid TV return ‘Highly offensive’

Alongside Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner, Adele, 32, was seen playing a divorcee and a member of the African Tourist Board who encourages women to fly to the continent, in a three-minute video. The sketch made a number of references to “the tribesmen” and what the country had to offer for newly-single women.

The sketch has since caused a stir on social media, with many branding the video “offensive”.

Saturday Night Live aired the clip on the show and also shared a snippet on their Instagram page, with the caption: “The following is a message from the Tourism Board of Africa.”

As part of their promotion in the video, Kate said she had flown to Africa after her divorce “for a new beginning”.

“And where better than the crystal waters and sandy beaches of Africa,” Adele added.

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Heidi Gardner added she had also travelled to Africa after splitting from her husband.

“I found a deep, deep connection,” Heidi said.

“You can feel it in your stomach,” she added, which prompted the singer to laugh.

While the sketch played out, a number of black men were seen escorting white women across the beach in the background.

Adele was also seen struggling to stay in character as she burst into fits of laughter.

Instagram users swiftly flocked to the site to share their thoughts.

“This was NOT it. Downright offensive,” one user wrote.

A second wrote: “So disappointed, not funny.”

“The skit about using black men as human sex toys is highly offensive, and tone deaf given the year we’ve had globally,” a fourth added.

Others praised the sketch and Adele for humorously breaking out of character.

Another commented: “I laughed more about Adele cracking up than the actual sketch [crying with laughter emojis] thx Adele.”

A fifth wrote: “As an African man I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! Adele, Africa will love you no matter what.”

“She really broke character on this one and I was LIVING for it,” another penned. has contacted a representative for NBC and Adele for comment.

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