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A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton says schedule 'wrecked' after crew get 'stuck'

The A Place In The Sun team were faced with a delay in their schedule after filming went wrong on set. Presenter Laura Hamilton, 38, said the crew “got stuck in a roadblock and couldn’t get out” after their cars were deep in the mud due to poor weather conditions.

“We were stuck there. We had to be rescued by tractors,” she explained.

“It was absolutely dire, all the vehicles got stuck and there was mud splashing everywhere.

“It was just one of those afternoons that you go, ‘Oh my god, honestly, you couldn’t write this’.”

Laura revealed the team had driven to Abruzzo in Italy as a female house hunter they were working with asked to view houses off the beaten track.

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“She was so lovely but she felt so guilty that was all her fault because she wanted to buy a house in the Italian countryside that was remote, and it just so happened we took her to her house that was up an unmade mud track and we got literally washed out,” Laura added to Metro.

“We were stuck in the mud and that was it, we couldn’t film.”

The property expert added the incident “wrecked” the filming schedule for the rest of the week.

Laura first detailed the moment on her Instagram page, describing the situation as “mud gate”.

“The couple I was filming with went from a two to a three and I was just standing there, like no one said anything. This man was just stood there!(sic)

“And we were like, ‘Do I carry on, do I ignore him?’ and then the director was like, ‘Excuse me, can you go?’ and he just literally stood and stared and nodded his head and he didn’t do anything. We were like OK.

“I think whenever people see a camera, we always get people waving in the background.

“It is frustrating, you know when you’re trying to film and it’s so hot.”

The presenter also opened up about the awkward time she found herself on a nudist beach.

“We are stood here and are like, ‘We better go, this isn’t going to work’,” she added.(sic)

“Someone is in the background with their boobs out or whatever so we’re like, ‘Right let’s move on from that one’.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm and on Sundays at 7pm on Channel 4.

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