A Man Fried Hot Dog For 2 Hours Just As An Experiment; Strange Twitter Thread Goes Viral

Twitter thread with bizarre hot dog experiment went viral.


  • Twitter thread with a strange food experiment went viral.
  • A man air fried a hot dog for 2 hours to see what happens to it.
  • He documented the whole process in this viral Twitter thread.

The year 2020 taught us how to keep ourselves busy doing nothing at home. Many of us took to cooking to keep ourselves occupied. Some of us got a bit creative and discovered unique food combinations and recipes. But this man takes away the trophy of putting in a bit too much of his mind in the kitchen. He thought of conducted a bizarre experiment to see what happen to a hot dog if cooked in an air fryer for 2 hours! Why did he do this experiment? It beats us!

69-year-old father Kendrick Lobstar with Twitter handle @KLobstargonna kick-started the New Year 2021 with this bang of an experiment. On January 2, he posted on Twitter writing – “Air fry a hotdog for 120 minutes and see what happens”. He clarified in his next post that he will cook in intervals and not for two hours on a stretch.

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His first Twitter posts were ignored by the Twitterati but when he posted a series of pictures showing the step-by-step procedure and subsequent results of his experiment, Twitter sat up and took note of it. Needless to say, the strange Twitter thread soon went viral.


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Many Twitter users were amused while some were utterly disgusted. In fact, somewhere in the middle of the experiment, Kendrick himself started having doubts about it. “I’m gonna be honest I don’t think this bad boy is gonna last another 60 minutes without catching fire. Guess we’ll see,” he wrote in one of the posts.

When he kept the already-burnt hot dog back in the fryer for another 60 minutes, he spoke his mind out loud. “This may not have been a great idea.”

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As expected, the smell of the burning hot dog spread in his kitchen. The fact that he kept a fire suppressant right by his side made the whole thing even more hilarious.

Are you still staying home in the fear of Coronavirus? Are you so bored that you won’t mind trying something as absurd as this?

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