6 Vitamin C-Rich Winter Fruits That May Help Prevent Respiratory Troubles And Promote Lung-Health


  • Vitamin C may help treat people affected by Coronavirus
  • Vitamin C may have anti-inflammatory effects on lung
  • Know the winter fruits that can provide you with daily dose of Vitamin C

The benefit of vitamin C is no secret to the world. It is one healthy nutrient that helps prevent body from free radical damages, manages heart health and diabetes, and promotes healthy skin. Moreover, daily dose of vitamin C is known to boost immune health for an overall fitness, especially in the current scenario when health experts around the world are advocating for strong immunity. A good immunity helps prevent respiratory troubles – one of the major symptoms of Covid-19. For the uninitiated, a recent study, published in the journal Nutrients, have claimed that vitamin C may help treat people affected by Coronavirus.

Besides preventing respiratory troubles, Vitamin C is also known to boost overall lung health. In another study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, it was found that vitamin C may have anti-inflammatory effects on lung. Several other studies across the world have also found association of vitamin C and reduction of lung fibrosis, lung cancer risks and more.

Keeping this in mind, we listed 6 winter fruits that can provide you with a daily dose of Vitamin C for overall nourishment. Read on.


Here Are 6 Vitamin C-Rich Winter Fruits That May Help Prevent Respiratory Troubles And Promote Lung-Health :

1. Orange:

Winter is almost here and it is time to enjoy sweet and juicy oranges. Other that satisfying your taste buds, what makes orange a popular choice is its rich nutrient-profile. Orange is a storehouse of vitamin C, fibre and antioxidant that helps boost immunity, promote gut-health and more.

2. Guava:

The very thought of guava takes us back to our childhood. It is crunchy, fleshy and tastes the best when accompanied by some black salt and red chilli. Besides, guava is also known for its remarkable nutrients that make it an ideal fruit to lose weight, build strong immunity and manage diabetes.


3. Pomegranate:

Sprinkle on your chaat and salad or have it as is, the pomegranate just a delish! These juicy, red pearls are a powerhouse of nutrients that are known to fight viruses and boost overall strength.

4. Strawberry:

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that strawberry is a potent package of health and taste. It is enriched with vitamins, fibre, antioxidant, minerals and has zero cholesterol, calorie and fat. These properties make strawberry an ideal food for guilt-free indulgence.



5. Kiwi:

Another such amazing winter fruit is kiwi. As per the USDA data, a mere 100 mg kiwi provides you 74.7 gmras of vitamin C. So, make it a part of your everyday meal plan to promote overall health.

6. Grape:

We all love munching on grapes and there’s no two ways about it. The tart-sweet taste of these small-sized goodness add burst of flavours to your palate. Alongside its delicious taste, grapes are also known to be a treasure trove of nutrients that are involved in immune function and help flush out toxins from the body.

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